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I’m Eve Koivula and I help entrepreneurs market with a tiny budget.

I’m about to start blogging in English in the near future, but for now my articles are shattered around the web. If you wish to read some, check out these links:

Turn Striving into Thriving On Social Media With a Simple Mindset Shift

Why you must have a blog and what options do you have

There’s not much difference between fitness and business. They’re both all about power, stamina and flexibility.

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Please come and say ’Hei’!

I’m a social media consultant, kettlebell sport coach and author of Gold Medals & Marketing and Sell With Your Own Words, member of Social Media Marketing Society and the first regular Periscope broadcaster in Finland.

Tiski is a Finnish word which means ”a counter” (I’m offering marketing, content development and social media help all from one single counter) but it also means ”dirty dishes”.

If you come on over to Instagram to say hi, you’ll find me using the title EvenTiskivuoro. That’s ”Eve’s turn to do the dishes”. Maybe my imagery (samples below) starts to make sense when you know this…

Gold Medals & Marketing

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